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Re: E-Books or Paper Books

All paperback. Still love the look of books. Still love how they feel. Still love the simplicity. I read some of these ebook threads and people talk about having to hack files and disabling this or that (and that apparently you don't actually own these ebooks but more lease them is that right?) and I think, no not for me. Sounds too complicated. I have to stare at computer screens all day. I know many of these devices don't really look like a computer screen, but I just don't care. It's still an electronic device where I have to worry about power levels and what not when it's not even necessary.

I acknowledge that ebook popularity has definitely grown, apparently so much so that I doubt we'll ever see the recent spat of ebooks come out in dead tree form, let alone the remaining ebooks from before the current regime. I'm slowly beginning to just accept that and the fact that I'll probably never read the last eight SCE ebooks or Slings and Arrows.

I do know that I can download ebooks to my iPhone and tried a sample. Didn't care for it.
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