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Re: Paramount's Brad Grey Wants to Build a TV Studio

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I could see a future Star Trek series that revamps the technology to be more in line with modern expectations about the future. A more sentient ship that can make independent decisions (the USS Moya)? Uniforms that look like silk pajamas but can deflect energy weapons? Personal shield generators and heads-up displays for away teams?
The recent Canadian SF series Continuum had some of the best technological futurism I've ever seen on TV. The heroine has a smart uniform with all sorts of functions built into the fabric -- computer power and memory, color changing, animated graphics, a taser, etc. (Even invisibility, which doesn't make sense since it makes her bare head invisible too.) Plus she has contact-lens implants that project a heads-up display in her field of view and apparently include sensors and computing capability of their own. And this is just 65 years in the future. It makes ST's version of technology 250 or 350 years from now seem positively quaint.

If the tech is a continuity break with the past, that can be explained away by saying we're in the Abrams U.
Not really, because that only branched off from the Prime reality in 2233. There are a lot of assumptions about earlier events that are still part of the Abramsverse and going to be rendered obsolete in time. We've already gone past the Eugenics Wars, there's no manned Earth-Saturn probe or interplanetary sleeper ships on the horizon, and it's only a few decades before WWIII (hopefully) doesn't happen as described. Sooner or later, if Trek is to avoid being just an exercise in nostalgia, it'll have to break from all its prior continuity and reinvent itself from the ground up. Keep the characters and their relationships, keep the values and ideals, keep the best ideas but remix them, but start the continuity fresh and weave in ideas that are as cutting-edge by today's standards as TOS was by 1960s standards.

As for aesthetics, Apple Store works for me. Maybe they're getting a product placement fee from Apple.
That doesn't make sense, because there's no actual Apple logo, just an aesthetic that broadly resembles that of their stores.

But they should cool it with actual Nokia-style branding product placement. That's a jarring tone break.
Unfortunately it's impossible to make a big-budget blockbuster movie these days without the funding that product placement brings. And as product placements go, Nokia wasn't a bad choice. They're a telecommunications company, something that will continue to be relevant in the future; and they're a corporation whose origins stretch back to 1865, nearly a century and a half, so it's not out of the question that they could still be around in 200-plus years. I suppose you could say the same about the Budweiser placement in Uhura's drink order; that brand has existed since 1876.
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