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But the PD is not all-or-nothing. It is where pre-contact societies are concerned, but it also applies to post-contact societies. In that context, it basically means that you can interact with other cultures so long as you don't force your own values and decisions on them, so long as you agree to let them practice their own laws and customs, make their own decisions about internal affairs, etc. (See TNG's "Justice." Why they made contact with such a backward society in the first place is a mystery, but once they had made contact, the Prime Directive still required them to respect local laws, which was why they didn't just break Wesley out and warp away.)
In regards to the TNG Prime Directive maybe, but possibly not in regards to the TOS Prime Directive.
But that's just it -- we know the PD was not nearly as strict in TOS. Heck, Kirk told Tyree of his alien origins when he first lived with the Hill People years before "A Private Little War." Back then they weren't so paranoid about "contamination" that they saw even the tiniest bit of interaction as intolerable. They allowed some degree of basic contact and communication in a lot of cases, particularly when there was a trade benefit for them, as on Capella. The Directive wasn't so much "don't interact at all" as "don't conquer their planet or assimilate their culture." Kirk spelled it out himself in "Friday's Child," telling the Capellans that the Federation's highest law was that their world would always remain theirs, that their sovereignty and freedom of choice would be respected.
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