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Re: The ENT and Melakon

1:10 - Fortunate Son

TV Blurb: Travis gets to talk, T'Pol tells the truth, and some guy hides a secret.

An ambitious first officer aboard a freighter makes a bad decision when his captain is injured during a battle with pirates.

There is a nice opening beauty shot of the ECS Fortunate followed by a shot showing the size of its largest interior room. I wasn't sure if it was a 2d cgi painting or a full 3d mesh.

For some reason, Enterprise assisting a damaged freighter and the psychological aspects of the story remind me of a film. I'm not sure if it's actually there, or if it's really a film, or just some of the moments from various military productions I'm pushing together in my head. The final act wasn't quite what I expected, but I'm trying to avoid major plot points.

Anthony Montgomery gets good screen time with several scenes. He certainly makes Travis look uncomfortable during a one-on-one meeting with Archer.

Guest star Lawrence Monoson plays Matthew Ryan, who grudgingly accepts Archer's help after a fight with Nausicaans. Travis tries to bond with him but meets resistance, with the intelligent but blunt Ryan giving him something in turn to think about. I liked Monoson's work here.

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