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Re: I must apologize...

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We need to pull a Janeway...go down with the ship and alter the timeline and forget this nonsense.
While we're doing that lets delete someone.
You want to delete me for a joke thread??? You serious??
Good a reason as any...

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Oy. There's not a sufficient quantity of brain bleach in the world to get anyone to un-see THAT action.
Why, because they're fat? Don't be a dick.
No, because they're Roseanne and Tom Arnold. Regardless of size.
Imagine them doing it on the pitcher's mound at Yankee Stadium...

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We can hold on for a couple more minutes surely?

I had a friend who swore that she could masturbate hands free.

Tiff would rub her ankles together for a couple minutes and find herself in a world of delight.

Logically therefore she should be able to type and jerk off simultaneously.

But it's likely that her spelling would be for shit.
Is this an alternative to the font of golden showers?
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