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Great photos, Kestra! I love the way you captured the beauty of the countryside and the grittiness of the prison. I'd say #s 3 & 4 are my favorites ... though #7 ... I always have a soft spot for landscape shots!
Thanks! Alcatraz was weirdly creepy. I don't easily get creeped out, but there's something about the way it was all sort of broken and run down and you have all these people snapping pictures and listening to an audio tour and you remember that people actually lived there.

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That part of California always looks amazing. Thanks for sharing, Kes.
If you've never visited, you definitely should come to Northern California at some point. I've travelled a decent amount but it's just beautiful out here. Not just wine country but everywhere you turn there is something amazing.

So I hope you guys don't mind me posting some more pics, but I've been in the process of scanning our old family photos and I love some of the older pics. It's really interesting because some of the great ones are ones that I'd probably quickly delete on a digital camera now.

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of my dad and my brother:

My gorgeous mom and my brother:

My brother being a month old and looking very suspiciously at Santa:

Me in a chair/swing in our old basement:

Me at my third birthday party in my favorite dress with my new favorite toy:

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