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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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As for Hunter not wanting to be on the show, Hunter did want to be on the show; and expressed quite a lot of interest in his character, even going so far as to say that the show 'was based on the predictions that the Rand Corporation had projected for the future' (according to an article about Hunter in Starlog many years ago.) If it seemed that Hunter didn't want to be on Star Trek, it was because his wife though that he was too big a star for TV (the same wife that would later divorce him and take him to the cleaners!)
I doubt your version. According to Herb Solow (who would know) Jeffrey Hunter became very hard to get a hold of once they tried to contact him about doing a second pilot. Finally, when they were to talk face-to-face his wife showed up (saying pretty much what you write in your post).

Not the behavior of someone who wants to be a part of the "Star Trek" family.

And again, teevee science-fiction (especially "space opera") was not generally held in high-regard at that time - it was considered a career killer. I always had the impression that Shatner (due to some poor career choices) only signed on because he was desperate for the dough.
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