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You misunderstand - I wanted to postulate a hypothetical situation where voice recognition (or, say, telepathic recognition) works with absolute perfection, come hell or high water or the noises of a newsroom. It now perfectly takes your dictation. What then?
Then we have fifteen people talking at the same time in the same tiny room, while trying to concentrate just enough to write complex articles, which by the way is not easy to do when you have to dictate them. It's not a matter of technology. It's a matter of being able to think.
I don't want the girl sitting next to me to know that I'm googling her. Or that I'm looking at pr0n. Or that I want to input to the computer while talking to someone else.

Im sure I can think of other instances when I'd want to type as opposed to voice input.
"Computer, Google that hot girl sitting three feet from me!"
"Computer, Google remedies for cheek pain from slapping."
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