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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

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If one wishes to make something look "futuristic", why would one endeavor to make it look "contemporary"?

The contemporary design influence was the problem with TNG's sets; the earth tones, leather seats and structures out of a 1980s Sears catalog were not in keeping with the "futuristic" design sense established in TOS, and carried over to the TOS movies.

I believe the perception problem for some in this thread is confusing the post 2001 utilitarian design (or Star Wars' oft-mentioned "lived in" look) with being "futuristic" when the two design senses are not necessarily represented by the other. Take the Spindrift from Irwin Allen's Land of the Giants--the design is not at all born of the ultilitarian school of thought responsible for 2001, but it had an organic, "futuristic" look (for its time) that does not appear to be the most plausible in a strict, science fiction sense.

For this--and many reasons, the TOS interiors still play as being from another time, where the technical influences of today fell out fashion by the time of TOS (in other words, no bulky International Space Station-like structures).
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