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Re: In A Mirror, Darkly: Best cold open ever?

When the episode first aired I watched the first 15 minutes or so standing, because I was just too blown away by the opening (and the credits), to sit down.

But Manny and his staff kind of specialized in playing with openings. They did things with them that no other Trek show had tried before. The opening to Storm Front part 2 with it's 1940's newsreel style filmed montage of Hitler touring New York with voiceover spotting pro-Nazi propaganda, was just great.

The opening to Twilight was great too as Mike Sussman put us directly into Captain Archer's befuddled mind. We were as disoriented as he was when he/we stepped onto the bridge and saw T'Pol in a Starfleet uniform and in command and his ship about to enter combat -- without him. Excellent.

I don't think Coto got enough credit for what he and his staff did with openings.
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