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Re: 7X07 The Rings of Akhenaten (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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More clues about the bigger arc. The psychic "what if"ness of the leaf intermingling with all of the Doctor's memories, and the fact that the TARDIS doesn't like Clara, will be important things to remember.
Another thing: The Doctor's sonic screwdriver. He was treating it this episode like Linus' security blanket or Indiana Jones' bullwhip (or Four's scarf, for that matter)! Again and again he acted like a dick when it came to holding on to it - making Clara give up her ring to get that Flash Gordon airbike instead of the sonic, for instance. For a while I figured 'Grandfather' was waking up, not because the little girl got the song wrong, but because the Doctor was the only one not giving up a gift (meaning the sonic)! At the end I was certain he was going to have to give it up to feed the parasite, but again Clara comes to his rescue with the leaf.

What was with that?? I mean come on, he's lost the sonic before and built a new one to replace it (or Sexy provides him with one). What was Moffat doing there?
Here's a rationalization. The Doctor presumably could've offered his bowtie or the glasses (I'm assuming they're Amy's though the frames looked different to me). We also see him rooting through Clara's lifeline trying to figure her out along with the TARDIS rejection bit. So maybe he was seeing if she had something with sentimental value as a test to see if she was the real McCoy or maybe as a character test?
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