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Re: Eccleston turned down chance to be in 50th Anniversary story

Australis wrote: View Post
Has CE never thought that if he did the damn thing, people would stop hassling him and have some closure? Seems simple to me.
Closure? How much more closure does he have to do? He did a regeneration scene.

Photoman15 wrote: View Post
Sorry, I disagree with that. Any actor will tell you it's the fans that made them. Now I'm not saying an actor should make his decisions on Fan Rule, but they should take them into account.
He may have. He did do two meetings. Just because he didn't decide to do it, doesn't mean he took them into account.

Supposedly, CE had a problem with PRODUCTION PEOPLE on DW. They are all gone now, so that shouldn't hold him back. He liked Moffats' episode(s), so that shouldn't be a problem. What is the problem? Was SMs story that CE read no good? Did it hurt "the character"?
Time and again, Eccleston has said he doesn't like to "swim in the same stream twice."

Do you just not respect his decision because you don't like it?

So yeah, actors owe their careers to the fans. Unless this 50th story was so distasteful and the people he would have to work with are a-holes (for him), his decisions sucks.
Ah. So, yeah. You don't respect his decision because you don't like it.

Well, tough. It's not your career. It's not your work ethic. It's his. And he seems to be doing very well with it, thankyouverymuch.

Again, yes, actors do owe it to the fans. That's why they're there. And that's why they become big, -- or don't.
No. Actors don't owe anything to the fans. The fans paid for a product. He was paid to do it. He's very nice to the fans by all accounts. He just doesn't want to return to a role.

And, again, he's doesn't CARE about becoming big. Why do you keep bringing it up?

P.S. This doesn't mean I have any problem with CE, just his decisions concerning DW. Really, get over yourself.
Um, no. I quite like myself. Why don't you get over Eccleston's decision?
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