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Re: Skippable episodes abound...

I felt like much of the 6th season (immediately following the occupation arc) and some of the first part of the 7th season was "filler" and wish that they had kept up the pace with the Dominion War a little more. I was (re-)watching the entire series episode-by-episode (even some of the awful Ferengi ones) with my wife and I had already seen the finale of S6 and end of S7 and was getting impatient with all of the non-war related standalone eps in the last two seasons. Not to say, however, that there weren't some gems in there but some of the eps felt awfully out-of-place with a full-scale war going on at that point in the series and would've been better had they taken place earlier in the series (i.e. Honor Among Thieves, Time's Orphan). Plus, I still feel like the end was too rushed and disappointed that they never resoved Bajor's status, which was a key story arc for the entire series as established by "Emissary"
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