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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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Clearly Stellar Cartography on the scale that a Galaxy class vessel possesses it is not considered a priority for an Intrepid class ship, which has much less volume and is not designed for the same types of missions. Presumably if and when Starfleet feels that an Intrepid class ship should be sent on such a mission they outfit it accordingly.
My argument is.. that kind of judgement shouldnt be used regarding a "resource" like SC, tractor beam, holodecks or cargo bays on a vessel clearly classified as an exploration craft... which is like 80% of starfleet vessels. This wouldnt be appropriate for say the defiant (or that runabout wisecrack another poster mentioned)

Per Memory Alpha: "The Intrepid-class was designed for long-term exploration missions."

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I imagine an Arboretum is considered a "luxury" by Starfleet, and while it would be included on a Galaxy class ship which is essentially intended to be all things to all missions, it wouldn't be included on an Intrepid class vessel where it would be little more than a curiosity.
So I was trying to make a point that since Voyager was trapped on a long term exploration mission, it would be practical to have an Arboretum for the sake of growing food, having a picnic and in general making the ship feel less utilitarian and more like a long term home. Since Kes was allowed to make a hydroponics bay to meet some of those needs, it seems foolish for the writers not to expand it into a fully functional arboretum

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Given that holodecks have proven that they're not just tools for entertainment but can also prove useful to missions in ways that can't necessarily be anticipated, and they don't take up a whole lot of internal volume, I don't see why they wouldn't be included. Especially since they could likely fake both an arboretum and Stellar Cartography to a limited extent if needed.
No argument re the holodecks. Its established they are critical. These comments about "not needed for a ship of this class" and "limited space" are weak excuses. This is a fiction. Space and practicality is limited only by the writers imaginations

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If you're going to argue that "X ship should include Y", you should really include -why- you feel that way.
I very much thought I was doing so on various posts. Feel free to point out one that might be in error.

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BTW, why are you blaming the writers for not making hydroponics a more exciting set? How was it in any way their decision?
Perhaps "design and logistics" team is more appropriate?

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I can and will tell you with a straight face (ironic considering I'm gay), that a holodeck adds more value than an arboretum.
My comment was more meant to point out that the crew.. (oh hell.. the damned writers again)... seem to have Chatau De Paris running 24/7 as their only means of recreation. And I think i mentioned earlier that since the design team found the hydro pon bay added value for a lost in space ship, the arboretum is a more reasonable decision

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I believe this has been brought up before, but I and I believe other posters would appreciate it if you included quoted text -before- your new material, to increase readability and as a courtesy. Thank you.
Apologies to all! I really wasnt paying attention. Im new here so I'll hope you'll forgive the oversight.. Will make sure to avoid this in the future..
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