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Re: 10 Things a New Trek Series Must Have

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The last thing any Trekker would want is a new Trek series on CBS itself (or on any other broadcast network for that matter). Not only would it be gone in less than a season, it'd be the last Trek series for a very long time afterward, IMO.

But then, the odds of it being on CBS itself are likely somewhere between slim and zero anyway...
While I agree that a new show probably wouldn't be on CBS, I don't agree that if it were, it would die the quick death you think it would. Again, it's all in how it's presented to the audience.
That's really overestimating Trek's popularity. It doesn't really matter how it's presented to the audience if the audience isn't big enough to justify its price tag on CBS. The ideal Trek show there would have to be something done on the budget of the shows already there and appeals to far more than just Trekkies.
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