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Re: 7X07 The Rings of Akhenaten (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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Fabulous. My wife and I were both in tears, we both loved the association of souls and stories and memories... It was so much more literary and mythical than we expected.

Doubtless the majority will have hated it, but it was a favourite for us.
I was genuinely expecting it to be a real crowd pleaser with its very universal ideas. Plot had just a few problems near the end, I know, the star dying was unfathomably bizarre, but otherwise everything seemed to be better told than 97% of stories. Maybe it was a crowd pleaser with casuals?

I knew it has the director of TD,T,W,DT,,A,,DTY,A,WTDandtheYGFK aka dullness and the people seemed a bit far away in previews, so I got subtitles to make the picture prettier and to make hearing easier, when the characters' faces aren't 5 inches away from the screen like in the previous episode.

Relief that director knew what he was doing this time around... what is supposed to be wrong with Murray Gold's suspenseful atmosphere strings? Or the kinda scary massive *BAM*s or the alerting beats in some other episodes?

Oh and the glasses should have been sacrificed too for maximal catharsis.

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