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Re: Favourite Doctor?

Indeed. But at the end of the day, it's a choice between more time with McGann or the canon. I choose the canon, although I'd sacrifice a lot of good episodes to see more McGann.

I love both myself. Yeah, I think McGann's costume was perfect with his tardis. It was like a young version of Hartnel's outfit, and suited McGann so well. However, his new one looks good on him too, and with McGann's slight sign of aging, it works better with him now. Plus it's more practical, so for things like the time war, it'd be ideal. However, if Mcgann returned for the 50th, I'd rather he be in his original outfit, maybe without the wig though. Maybe a hybrid.

In my own little canon in my head, McGann wore the Victorian outfit for the majority of his time, he adopted his new outfit near before the time war.

Man I'd love to make a fan fiction about McGann and the time war. I'd make it a series.
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