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Re: Bioshock Infinite.

This game is a friggin masterpiece and Ken Levine one of the best storytellers out there.
The ending blew me away with it's mindfucking salvo of twists and turns and it doesn't let go of you even days later.
I've never seen anything like it in video games. Seriously, this even blows the original Bioshock out of the water (see what I did there?).
The gameplay is great. The fights, or rather battles, are more action-packed than ever and often require you to change positions/locations frequently. You have to think on how to approach fighting certain foes and you are offered multiple possible paths to victory.
Elizabeth is not only not annoying at all, you'll even miss her in those parts were you're separated. Not just because she actually helps you but because you grow a real strong connection to her character.
The visuals are amazing. This game is sooo very pretty, especially on the PC with everything on ultra.
Audio has also always been a very strong point in Bioshock games and Infinite delivers on that part as well.
And for those worrying about a buggy console port: Don't. Bioshock Infinite is very stable. At least I haven't come accross any issues yet.

Game of the year, imho. Possibly even game of the decade.
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