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Re: Favourite Doctor?

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I do wish McGann had appeared in some more movies, however it may have been a blessing is disguise that the series was not picked up as they had some horrible ideas for it, they would have retconned it a lot, with remakes of old episodes, and the awful pirate redesign of the cybermen and the stupid name "cybs". Na, I'd have liked a few films or specials which were faithful to the canon.
I agree too. The very fact that the tv-movie is the only adventure we have with the 8th Doctor is what makes it so easy to include him in the overall continuity. Had they gone off and made more telemovies with him...or even went to series, it may have been a whole other beast indeed. What we got is the best possible outcome considering the circumstances.

What does everyone think of McGann's redesigned costume?
I'm not really a fan of it. Probably because I really love his outfit from the movie. I know within the context of the story it's supposed to be a cowboy outfit, but I always felt it had a nice Victorian feel to it. Especially when coupled with the TARDIS console room.
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