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Re: another 100 best movies list

STAR TREKS ''Seven through Eleven'' have been referred to by their directors, writers and their studio as GENERATIONS, FIRST CONTACT, INSURRECTION, NEMESIS and simply STAR TREK. Only the fans use the Romans for the last five. I can see doing it unofficially for the 7th-10th chapters, but since the whole point of {Chapter 11} was a reboot, and STAR TREK takes less time to type than STAR TREK 11.....

Guess I'm obsessing about it because my father was a proofreader. Anyway, so far, only the FRIDAY the 13th series has shown the integrity and the guts to officially title their films by 7s, 8s and 9s. (SAW ''7'' being SAW 3-D originally. I have a feeling PARANORMAL ACTIVITY will continue FRIDAY's proud tradition.)
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