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Re: 7X07 The Rings of Akhenaten (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Meh. It started off really well, was more like the RTD era than Moffat's. But then it turned into a musical for Christ's sake, and if you knew me well, you'd know there's one main thing I hate, and that's children singing. And I expected more from the mummy. I thought it would have been more like "The end of the world" in the Eccleston era. I thought that it'd be a space crew like in end of the world, then a mummy gets loose or something, and it goes round the base or whatever killing as much as it could. Instead, we got the mummy sitting in a box, then a sun with a face.

In general, a huge improvement over series 6, but this feels like a step backwards. However, I have more faith in next weeks episode.

A real shame, if not for the singing and there not really being any real evil again (we've not had any true evil in doctor who for a while now. Last episode didn't really have anyone evil in it, just a bunch of brainwashed people, the Xmas special Just had this old guy who had a bad life, the weeping angels are the closest thing to evil we've had his series in "the angels take Manhattan" or something, the power of three was just a load of black cubes, that stupid cowboy story was just a robot cyborg who was not evil at all, then dinosaurs on a spaceship was just, bizarre, and the daleks are not evil anymore. Face it, since Moffat's got in, they've lost their edge.), if not for those faults, I'd have probably given this episode a glistening review, but as it is, I voted two out of five.
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