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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

There might have been some potential worth including one of the earliest "open-matte" 4:3 episodes as an extra.

Even as the standard definition broadcast master from 2001... if necessary.

"Broken Bow" 2002 Sky One premiere broadcast

"Broken Bow" 2005 DVD release

I'm unable to capture the same shot from the Blu ray edition, but would've done so if I could. And obviously the top picture, is actually below SD... as a VHS TV recording ripped to DVD.

During the 3-part documentary, director James L. Conway mentions having to keep his options open, because there was some hesitancy in going over to 16:9. As a result during the pilot, sometimes shots look like a cropped frame with close-ups that are closer than generally composed, as the series went on. This is noticable throughout the cornfield chase, and first scenes involving discussion of returning Klaang home.

That would explain the grainier image, if it had to be zoomed in.

It settles down once they've clearly committed to widescreen thinking. But the first episode(s) seem to have been designed to be seen, either way.

But as I say, if there's any space on a later season set... maybe a viable extras idea? To include "Broken Bow" with more visable frame? Got to be as good an idea as, two different versions of "The Cage" on TOS for instance?
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