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Re: Do you like to read?

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Do you love to read? What kinds of books or other publications do you prefer? Do you read for pleasure or for academic reason or both? What say you?
I not only love to read, it's essential. I didn't realize until my mid-20s that not everybody can pick up a book and become immersed in the story. Doesn't matter if it's a detective story or science fiction or romance, once I pick it up, I'm in the story.

If I don't have something to read, even for a few minutes, I can't get to sleep. I once had an airline lose the book I'd brought for a multi-day trip and had to make do with an abandoned People magazine until I could get out to a bookstore the next day.

Nowadays I never leave the house without my Kindle. I'm doing my best to fill it up with my old favorites that I re-read regularly. For the most part that's SF and fantasy because I learned early on that those make me slow down and think while other genres generally don't.

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