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Re: Favourite Doctor?

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Out of the three from the new series, I would say Tennant is my favorite. But like I said before, encompassing all eleven Doctors, Paul McGann is my favorite, and I see I'm still the only one that picked that option...which I am fine with
For the record, McGann's my second favourite. He's very close behind my favourite, Tennant. The problem is he only appeared in one adventure (I don't read any of the novels, comics, or listen to any of the audio mind you. I have I feeling I'd love a lot of his audios. I'm surprised they've not made a time war audio yet, and I'm surprised no fan have taken audios and made animations for it.). If he appeared in a few more, he may have taken my top spot.
Aldo wrote: View Post
I love the tv-movie because for something that is chastised for being too American (which in part it is) it's incredibly respectful of the show and it's canon, and I was surprised at how easily the movie actually fits into the continuity of the show. It also has my favorite TARDIS console room.

If McGann were to return for the fiftieth, I wouldn't be adverse to his console room returning too.
Yeah, oh my god I love the McGann console! It's definitely my favourite. Wonderful steampunk feel to it.

I love the classic white one too, but McGann's just tops it. I don't like the Eccleston/Tennant tardis at all, to organic, and Smith's first tardis was the worst. Just a mirror copy of the E/D one. I don't mind the new tardis though. Mind you, I don't like the fact some of it's CGI. It sort of takes some of the magic out of it. Plus it's too shadowy in the new one.

I'd love the McGann tardis to return. Really, I'd like them to permanently switch to that one or one similar.

I do wish McGann had appeared in some more movies, however it may have been a blessing is disguise that the series was not picked up as they had some horrible ideas for it, they would have retconned it a lot, with remakes of old episodes, and the awful pirate redesign of the cybermen and the stupid name "cybs". Na, I'd have liked a few films or specials which were faithful to the canon.

What does everyone think of McGann's redesigned costume?
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