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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

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Glad you're enjoying Chiana, the last "First Time Watcher" thread, the guy hated Chiana with a passion and stopped watching the show. Taking the Stone is pretty much universally panned as being amongst the lowest of entertainment for Farscape, so, if you enjoyed this one, there's almost nothing worse in the whole series and you've got some great stuff just around the corner

I think she's a great character! I like how she's emotionally adolescent, it's very well done. I can't imagine what anyone would hate about her.

As to lowest.. I.E.T. was the worst so far, the real clunker. Mainly because the story was so TNG.. I wouldn't have hated it if it was TNG, I would have been "meh, typical Trek" but I don't want to see that kind of story outside of Roddenberry land.

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I want that coat so much. It is just the best coat ever. I managed to find something as near to it as possible in a Berlin thrift store (well, 150 euro is not that thrifty...), but tbh it's a bit more Jack Harkness than John Crichton. Still - WANT.
It seems a fairly basic coat, older formal attire for the pompish flair it goes into.. and you could put on the stripes and buttons. Nice military touch. If they were in gold it would be a Londo Mollari coat It looks great.

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I think the acting is fantastic with Chiana, the movements as though she has extra joints and is extra limber.. she looks like a marionette! Her odd inflections and almost hissing way of talking.. it's a very satisfying and believable alien package.
If I recall, Gigi Edgely (Chiana actress) is indeed trained in circus arts or gymnastics or contortionism or something, and she does use that very effectively to create a convincingly alien character. The black-and-white makeup is really the smallest part of her alien-ness.


Yeah that is so true, her alien-ness is not just the make up and hair. I am very impressed.

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