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Re: disney, and the star wars eu

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If they try to say any of the following didn't happen:

The Thrawn campaign
Daala's machinations
Ysanne Isard and her revenge
The Yuuzhan Vong invasion and war

They can go and get fucked in their big mickey mouse arse.
I doubt they care enough about some unimportant book stuff to actually say it didn't happen, they'll do whatever they want and if it contradicts the EU and some fanboys start screaming in agony ... well, then nothing because Disney still won't care.

The EU is not and never was canon and please, no one start explaining the different levels of Star Wars canon, if something is a "lower level of canon" and the people in charge can ignore and overwrite it by producing actual canon material whenever they want then the lower level was never really canon to begin with. S, F, D etc. canon was just a fancy way to say "non-canon".
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