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Re: disney, and the star wars eu

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If they try to say any of the following didn't happen:

The Thrawn campaign
Daala's machinations
Ysanne Isard and her revenge
The Yuuzhan Vong invasion and war

They can go and get fucked in their big mickey mouse arse.
I'd say it's almost guaranteed that ALL of that gets binned. Anything that carries over will probably be as general as 'Mara used to be The Emperors agent', 'Xizor headed the Black Sun criminal empire' or 'Kip Durron becomes a new Jedi'. Nothing more specific, and no old plotlines.

They need a clean slate plot wise for the new films. It is utterly inconceivable that movie screenwriters would be constrained by hundreds of (sometimes contradictory) books and comics. The EU has an audience of thousands, the new movies, millions.
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