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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Guy! Where the hell did that rant come from?
Do you mean, did I lift it from somewhere else, or why did I say it?

"Type fucker type" is too much Chapelle, the rest is me, well they're both me, it's not like Chapelle has propriety rights on calling someone a fucker while cackling... Although I did see Jesus Christ Superstar recently even if the message there was wrong era buddy, and not stop sending prophets. My Muslim flatmate years ago confided in me that Mohammed assured the world that he was the very last prophet of god and if anyone else turned up claiming that they were a prophet of god, trying to reverse or distort his message, that they, his beloved devotees should resort to the usual recourse when lying flimmflamm men try to grift them.

Convenient, no?

But the rant was in response to this from the Seeker.

I enjoyed this single issue of Action Comics more than all the ones that preceded it. I know Morrison is a God to some but I am very happy his stint is over.
I watched Frequently Asked Questions about time travel last night where they flit about through time pruning the ancillary years off geniuses barely moments after the creation of the finest master piece to reduce brand degradation... You know, like killing Kevin Costner straight after he made Dances with Wolves.

So to make the world better, would you kill Morrison Now, Straight after his run on the JLA, straight after Doom patrol or straight after the Invisibles?
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