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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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Desilu did make movies; one of them was a movie starring both Lucile Ball and Desi Arnaz Sr. called The Long, Long Trailer : another was Forever, Darling (produced as 'Zanra Productions') and the most well known was Yours, Mine and Ours, (the original 1968 film) which made a ton of money at the box office.
You are certainly correct that Desilu produced a few movies. Beyond the three comedy vehicles for Lucille Ball you have listed, there was also the I Love Lucy movie in 1953 and Mission: Impossible Versus the Mob in 1969. Both of those were television episodes edited together with a little new footage. The first was shelved until the home video era. The second, distributed only in Europe, probably credits Desilu because the episodes combined to make the movie were produced before the studio was sold to Paramount.

So, I was wrong when I said Desilu was exclusively a television outfit. Having said that, three Lucille Ball vehicles and two compilations of television episodes which were barely distributed doesn't make them much of a motion picture outfit. For Jeffrey Hunter in the mid-1960s, Desilu didn't have any movie roles to offer.

As for Hunter not wanting to be on the show, Hunter did want to be on the show; and expressed quite a lot of interest in his character, even going so far as to say that the show 'was based on the predictions that the Rand Corporation had projected for the future' (according to an article about Hunter in Starlog many years ago.) If it seemed that Hunter didn't want to be on Star Trek, it was because his wife though that he was too big a star for TV (the same wife that would later divorce him and take him to the cleaners!)
Hunter signed a five-year contract to appear on the series in 1964. He declined to sign that same contract in 1965. The quotes from Starlog, reprinted from a publicity interview the actor did while waiting for a series pick-up in 1965, are hardly indicative of his interest (which, obviously, changed over the course of a year; whether that was because of his wife or because of him is not something that can be said definitively).
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