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My 2 Yr Old Daughter's 50th Anniversary Tribute

Awhile back I started a thread asking for DW costume photo references. Each year for Halloween I like to go all out for my daughter's costumes. Last year she was the Avengers and the year before last she was every colored Lantern (Green Lantern, etc.).

This year, because of the DW 50th Anniversary, we decided she would be all eleven Doctors. I started this thread to document the progress of our project instead of resurrecting the old reference thread.

We've made progress assembling several costumes and I wanted to get input before I start taking her Halloween pics. Here is what I've got for the First Doctor's costume:

It's just about complete. I just need to add some appropriate shoes. I'm also not 100 percent sold on the pants.

The Second Doctor's outfit is pretty much complete as well:

You may notice that I'm using the same coat. I'm still on the lookout for something different but One and Two's clothing are so similar I think this might work in a pinch.

I'm also really close on the Third Doctor's costume:

Please note that the red coat will have black piping sewn onto it so that it resembles this jacket. I don't plan to have a tie or cravat since I don't think Pertwee wore one in the episode when he wore this jacket.

The pants aren't final. I just used them because they were somewhat 3rd Doctor-ish.

I've got the Fifth Doctor's outfit partially assembled:

Obviously I'm still missing the jacket. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find formal type coats in baby sizes. At some point we will embroider question marks on the color.

I've got components of the Fourth, Seventh, Eighth and Eleventh Doctors but not enough to start piecing together & taking pictures of the outfits.

I've got what will probably be the Sixth Doctor's coat but, as you can guess, it's going to be labor intensive to get it ready.

Anyway, assuming it's not considered spamming, I'll keep updating this thread with my progress. I'd appreciate any insights, input or feedback on the cosplaying process.

Katie is excited and already researching her subjects:

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