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Re: Decoration in Voyager's Briefing Room

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It looks like from that last picture that Harry knows exactly what it is.

He's staring at it.

He's plotting his heist.
Yes. Janeway reveals to Harry the secret of "the object on the wall" - it is a communication device she obtained on their last away mission, and which will enable them to contact the Caretaker. Just kidding. The screen cap is misleading. He is actually only turning around before leaving.

Melakon wrote: View Post
Mark Allen Shepherd, who was inside DS9's Morn suit, also did a lot of abstract art for that show. If he sold some of those to the studio, they might have been recycled too.
I didn't know he did abstract art for the show. Thanks for the info. This does look pretty strange and abstract. I guess it's possible then that he made it.
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