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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

On my current rewatch I've not long seen a gel pack for the first time and I was nearly in hysterics. It's just a plastic bag with a graphics card strapped to it. I realise that even today someone who recognises that are not that common place, but for those that do it was a bit of jarring moment.

But with regards to Voyager's design/role. The fact the Badlands mission was only expected to be three weeks I felt said a lot about what the Class was intended for. No Enterprise like 5 year/ongoing missions. This was a Go-out-do-the-mission-come-home type of ship. Which makes the 75 year journey that much more problematic. Not stripped down to the point of the Defiant, but it was no cruise ship like the Ent-D. But I'm massively speculating here.
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