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Re: Do you like to read?

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Wow, you guys do read a LOT. Having a short attention span, I just can't get into fiction novels anymore. I used to read Star Trek novels as a teen, but those days are long gone. Although I have the entire collection of Harry Potter books, I've only read Prisoner of Azkaban. Even nowadays I can't seem to sit still and read for more than an hour unless I happen to be reading one of my graphic novels or some articles in a magazine.
The first two volumes of Harry Potter are actually shorter and faster-reading than Prisoner of Azkaban. You might want to give them a try, especially since you already own them.

teya wrote: View Post
According to my mother, I taught myself to read at 2-1/2 by reading the cereal box. I don't remember that, but do remember that I was reading the Bobbsey Twins (yes, that dates me... ) when I started kindergarten.
I loved the Bobbsey Twins! Glad I'm not the only one here old enough to remember them.

I've always loved reading. As a kid, I was always so wrapped up in whatever I was reading that, when my mother called me to come eat, I'd say, "As soon as I finish this page" or chapter over and over, because I was so engrossed that I'd just keep going on to the next page/chapter.

I mostly read fiction. I love suspense and mysteries that are at neither extreme -- "cozies" usually bore me and have silly characters, and ones that are too gruesome stir up my PTSD. My favorite suspense writers are Laura Lippman and Margaret Coel. I also read sci fi and fantasy, especially Trek novels and Harry Potter.

When I read non-fiction, it's mostly theology, psychology or interior design. And the New York Times.
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