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Re: Deanna driving the ship...

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Well, as already mentioned, Troi did pass the bridge officer exam. Helm control may have been (if not probably was) part of the exam.
One doesn't follow the other. Studying for and becoming a qualified bridge officer doesn't mean that Deanna is competent to operation all the consoles, at all the bridge stations.
I disagree with that. I think one does indeed follow the other. As a bridge officer, one should be required to know how to operate every console on the bridge in an emergency, including helm, ops, & tactical. Now, you can still have dedicated specialists for those stations, but cross-training of bridge personnel does make perfect sense for emergency situations when one can't wait for someone from below decks to arrive.
It was more a case of she was the only person on the bridge who wasn't critical where they already were.
That's actually what I said earlier.
Riker was hoping that Deanna was intelligent enough to rapidly figure out the basic helm controls.
I don't think it was a case of Riker hoping, but that he knew she was. He was there when she took and passed the bridge officer's exam.
Riker ordered Deanna to get the ship out of orbit, but when we see the ship's exterior again, it is still executing the turn the previous helmsman initiated. Deanna wasn't yet in control, because the ship was still turning and hadn't begun to leave orbit.
It just means that the ship didn't start to leave orbit until after Troi took over the helm. Earlier, the ship was still in orbit of Veridian III trying to find a way to beam Picard back.
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