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Re: What kind of fan are you?

I can't see being shoe-horned into just one. As others have noted, we also shift on this over time. I tend to identify with "Evolutionist" and "Intellectual", with a touch of "Reformer".

We're all caught up in an illusion of "modern" living. It's really more aptly put as "technological" living, at least in the 1st and 2nd worlds. But behind it all is the age old human need for power and control. We construct governments that are supposed to keep things fair, but they inevitably end up corrupt to some degree. While the USA has been an oasis of fairness more than most other places, it too has suffered corruption... and most people are blissfully unaware of just how deep it runs.

We're still way too close to the days of global chaos suffered in WWI and WWII. For the 1st world, it appears as though things are more controlled and fair, but it's tenuous at best. There needs to be significant social evolution to catch up with how we've changed our ways of life. People fear they will loose their freedom, and rightly so because of what history has shown us. The only thing that can be the great objective equalizer is the computer. It just has to be programmed as fairly as possible, to help ensure things are managed properly. The integrity of human beings still seems to be far too fragile to be trusted.

And this is what I think happened in the imagined world of Star Trek. Using computer systems and objective social management, societies could normalize and help people make the most of their lives, sufficiently benefiting from it as well, ultimately reducing the number of criminal and corrupt people among the population. This allowed humanity to leap forward to the next level and concentrate on the technologies for long distance space travel. Humanity united, and getting along. Imagine that.
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