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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father - This was a cool concept for an episode, following Bester and the Psi Cops as they try to stop a crazy telepathic murderer. All the signs in Psi Corps reminded me of the signs from They Live, just without needing glasses to see them. Seeing Bester at the Psi Corps HQ and interacting with other Corps telepaths was interesting, as was the Psi Corps having at least one (and possibly more) large spaceship that hides in hyperspace. The murderer was creepy. I understand how he could kill with his mind, but stealing skills was an ability I didn't expect. The fact that he has mulitple personalities, with one being crazy and stronger than the other, was a cool concept. Having the rookie just casually kill a normal human did a good job of enforcing the fact that this is a pretty evil group just out for themselves, and that Bester isn't that unique when it comes to his attitude. This was a very good episode, with a cool concept. Koenig was amazing as Bester, like he usually is. At this point, I think he's gotten more screen time and lines in B5 than he did in Star Trek and the ST movies combined
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