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Re: LucasArts done for

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X-Wing is considerably more difficult than Tie Fighter; both are great. I love the first Dark Forces, too. I played the fuck out of all three, countless times. Contemporary audiences may regard these as dated, naturally. In their day, though, it was like the sky opening up.
I hear that... when I first installed X-Wing it absolutely rocked me. Having one of those full grip huge PC adapter joysticks really enhanced the experience of the ship to ship combat in the Star Wars universe. Plus it seemed to improve on some of the weak points in the Wing Commander series, IMHO.

Those capital ship polygons were so crude but that game will always be installed in my dream emulation system of Windows98!
Dark Forces was bitchin' too... what an awesome era of first person shooters. At a time when DOOM was still fairly popular it was a trip to run around blasting stormtroopers.
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