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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

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Well, I suppose there is a difference between "futuristic" as an esthetic and "plausible as a technologically advanced future." I think that Forbidden Planet looks more futuristic than the Nostromo in Alien, but it does not look as real...and both are dated.
Interesting points.

Of course, any space craft moving through space doing far beyond what we can do today will look futuristic. But is it a plausible depiction? The original Enterprise model still looks amazingly futuristic to me. It also felt more "real" than the NCC-1701D, which had a peculiar "too clean" CGI appearance.

But as for the uniforms and interiors, TOS doesn't look very futuristic to me at all. It looks seriously dated. Even the iconic equipment employed, the phaser, communicator, and tricorder, all look like Art Deco relics now. The only thing that looks the most advanced to me from TOS is the transporter console. And of course, beaming people to planets is still intangible futurism (and always will be).

A few years ago, I felt like TOS was still "true" Star Trek. But now? The other series have grown much more on me. I go back to TOS now and it looks really dated. I enjoy watching it from time to time, but... I won't ever look at it the same. It's more like a revisit of nostalgia. Maybe because it has been with me too long.
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