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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

My point EXACTLY my friend. I dig the warp core effect but overall voyager (while meant to be a more streamlined vessel) fails in its impression of advanced star ship design.

-The neuro circuitry, in example, while a neat idea, still didnt have the same cool factor as watching data or o'brien playing around with 30 isolinear rods.

-The press and flip tactical console chakotay used looked like the cheap center console in my nissan. The swivel one Riker used was WAY more impressive

- No Stellar Cartography lab.. (vis a vis, Star Trek Generations which I believe came out long before Voyager started) .. Not having one on a space exploration vessel is asinine...."You left spacedock without a tractor beam?!?!"... you know they were going "Doh" when they got flung into the delta quadrant

- Kes's hydroponics bay. Think back to when keiko o'brien was running the arboreatum back on the enterprise.. it was MAJESTIC.. Kes' bay looked like a 9th grade home-ec classroom

(Stuff like the newer transporter effect and the concept of the doctor however is really cool. I do wish they went into more detail of the doctors sentience tho.. I always felt it was disrespectful to the concept of Data by making the AI doctor seem to just "wake up sentient" as opposed to the actual development and life experiences that Data had to go through to get to that point..)

Like I mentioned in another post, voyager was plagued from jumpstreet and it was compounded by the persistant corner cutting.

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The TMP-like energy flux inside the core seemed nice, but it kinda felt like a step back into the days before TNG.
In the end, that's kinda funny from an in-universe standpoint, because Voyager's cutting edge technology was supposed to be more advanced than the older Galaxy class. Caretaker is set 7 years after Farpoint (2364 vs. 2371), which means the Intrepid class was at best a twinkle in some engineer's eyes when the 1701-D went on her first mission.
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