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Re: Thank you to the writers!!

While I am adverse to guns propegating craziness with blanks, I am happy to see some new names on the list, one of which seems like he even wrote a Star Trek sounding story. And Greg, you're new one, 'The Weight of Wolds' sounds good and I'm going to buy it as well as anything by James Swallow and Barbera Hambly who are all excellent too. I haven't even read 'Intellevore' yet. Now that sounds like a solid story. Diane Duane has always been consistantly great. She should have been hired on the writing staff instead of the Reeves-Stevens team, not to say that they're not great also and I have yet to read their stuff too especially the Shatnerverse, which looks very interesting and 'Federation which seems awesome, but I didn't care for the R-S team's episodes of Enterprise except for their idea that thay had planned for the Borg queen as a starfleet officer lab tech or something before she was assimilated. Why can't that be a novel? But 'Intellivore' is first up when I learn how to read, er have time and money for it.
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