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Re: Do you like to read?

I love to read, but it's been difficult for me to do since I was a teenager. The main reason being that I've been in school full-time almost continuously, with a good chunk of that being grad school, so I read so much for school that I have little time to read for pleasure. In fact, I think I've only finished five books of my own choosing within the past 8 years.

I am also a very slow reader, partly because of my OCD tendencies. I get "stuck" on certain words or sentences and have to read them over and over. Or sometimes I will be reading and it will just feel like something in my brain is fighting with me the whole way through. So I just have to stop and put the book down, because it feels like more trouble than it's worth. With schoolwork, I have to keep going, so it becomes a tiring experience and by the end of the semester I need a long break from doing any reading at all.

My mind is just going too fast in the middle of the day to get any reading done, so I've learned to read only in the early mornings, before even getting out of bed, or late at night before I go to sleep. My mind is more "quiet" and I can concentrate better and don't get "stuck" as often.

There was a two year period where I was out of school, and during that time I was able to read more often, though I am still pretty slow. To give you an idea, I really loved the Harry Potter books and would get them on the day they were released, but even when I read at every possible moment I had a chance, it still took me about a month to finish one. I marvel at the people who could read it all in one night or even weekend. I just can't mentally go that fast, even though I really wanted to with those books!

I mostly enjoy murder mysteries (especially Agatha Christie) and historical fiction.
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