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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

Good point about the warp core' effect used in voyager! I never really thought about it to be honest. But i gotta say the layout of engineering on voyager while it may be practical... it was just BLAND and not memorable.

TNG had the center console where we've seen geordi, sonya gomez and even picard and riker working over it. It adds to the decor. .. Same with Geordi's office and the small cutaway area (with the console that faced the warp core.. and also where Geordi constructed the ship he gave to captain zimbata.)

(TNG had a split level engineering as well but to your point, the second level was rarely used and not remembered for anything other than worf flinging a rogue klingon to his doom. )

Between the lighting and the contiguous non-descript layout of Voyager engineering, i just cant say I felt "at home" there. It was functional...served its purpose.. but thats about it. Same with Janeways ready room, the conference rooms and the mess hall.. I think a lot of the sets were recycled from the Defiant in fact..

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I think Voyager's engineering was my favorite out of all of them, it felt much more like a practical workspace with all the consoles along the sides for people to actually do stuff at, the open design of the core area, and the two-level set. I also love the core itself - maybe it doesn't make quite as much sense as the TNG design, but the it definitely conveys that there's some kind of intense energy swirling around in there, and the way it could both vary the intensity of the glow and the swirls, including a 'dead' state, made it much more effective at conveying the 'mood' of what was happening.
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