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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

You had me until you went down the "Macks Inability" yarn. David is arguably the most prominent catalyst for making the star trek extended universe a success (along with Peter David and John Vornholt)..

So i gotta say any negative context against them does show your narrow mindedness.

You're free to disagree with the Destiny story arc but you can by no means consider it a superior story arc to the one portrayed in voyager... (or any of voyagers story lines for that matter).. Just cant do it matey..Its nature vs nurture... and David's very well nurtured..

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No the point was you said it was a good set of books, I read them all and I disagree give the discontinuity and obvious ignorance about the Borg. (Not to mention Mack's inability to write a believable pregnancy situation). Which is the same argument you are using against Voyager.

So pot, are you enjoying calling the kettle black.
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