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Re: Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. - New episodes 3/25

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How so? I'm not that familiar with the existing continuities.
In the sense, that in the other ones the world's less sinister, and why. The laugh track at the end hints that it might be a lead up to the classic cartoons. It helps explain why these kids are off on their own travelling the roads solving mysteries. It makes it easier to reconcile this series with other ones if one was so inclined.

The one reference I didn't get was Billy Jack.
Billy Jack was the character of a couple of movies who basically defended pacifist hippies against rednecks with his karate kicks. They were preachy and indulgent but despite better intentions were mostly enjoyed for their exploitative b-actioner elements. Billy Jack in Mystery Inc. was dressed like his namesake. It was a staple of HBO in the 80s.

I missed that too. When was this?
It was while they were down in the mines. There's a shot of the five of them in side profile where Shaggy is hunched over and they all have their familiar animations.
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