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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

Voyager was a total "beat the dead horse" series. It made its 7 year run on spit and duct tape...lets be honest.

The only reason it lasted was because there was enough momentum at its start. Ds9 was a resounding success so both the producers (and the fans) went into it with all hype..

Midway through its run they had to get rid of the cute pixie and replace her with the buxom blonde in order to continue the momentum.. Which was half hearted at best...

As much as I liked the Borg story arc (and it was probably Voyagers saving grace) ..Rehashing this storyline was an ABSOLUTE COP-OUT. .. You guys should read the Star Trek Destiny trilogy. A MUCH MUCH better closure to the origins of the Borg

Most everything in the "Voyager Weirdness" post has merit. Production values were poor, writing was poor. The lack of a lot of crucial details went into what one other poster called a "half arsed attempt"

Dont get me wrong.. I am a Star Trek purist too. But I also know how to look at art objectively whether or not I agree with it. Thats why Im going back through Voyager again.

(I've always believed that if Star Trek Enterprise directly followed DS9, it would have faired MUCH better than Voyager. Enterprise was focused on Star Trek mythos instead of trying to throw down a completely new adventure from scratch)..

I may be a fanboy.. but i have a few standards..

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I love Voyager's set design. It's the best of modern Trek IMO. It's sleek, functional, and practical--the kind of things one would expect in a long-range research vessel and not, say, a luxury cruise liner.
I have no love for this series at all, but the production design was very nice; colors were well-chosen, and I'd have loved to see the ship gradually fall apart over the 7 yr run, if they'd been creative and 'daring' enough to go that route.
On the other hand I hate the -D.
Blame UPN for thinking continuity of any kind, visual or story, would be bad for second run syndication.
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