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Re: Star Trek/Star Wars have switched places!

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I remember watching The Cage recently and being shocked when Spock basically uses a Kinect to control a slide presentation on the bridge.
That's what it looked like because of the framing and editing, and it's what I always used to believe was the case, but it turns out there are some deleted shots revealing that Spock was actually cuing a crewwoman seated next to him to manually change the slides. Kind of disillusioning.

I guess when they got the go ahead for the series, they had to actually tone down how futuristic everything was because of budget concerns. Suddenly, cool actually futuristic technology was replaced by candy style buttons all over the place.
No, the buttons were pretty much the same, although they became more numerous. The main change was that the neat rear-projected displays in the wall screens had to be replaced with fake screens of backlit astronomical art (which was often visibly wrinkled).
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