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Re: S.S. Valiant Appearance

If I may say so I rather like how this has come out. It has something of a retro look to it yet it also looks in keeping with the Alcubierre concept of a space warp ship. You can also see the idea of an early sci-fi rocketship in it. I think it manages to be retro while not looking particularly dated.

I want to add more detail, but not too much so to retain that elusive futuristic look (in my eyes) as well as a look that fits in with TOS' aesthetic style. I also had in mind Kara's ship from "Spock's Brain" which also something of a ogive projectile ship with add-ons. That and the Botany Bay convinced me this basic concept could fit in TOS.

This is part of what bugs me about the contempory Trek approach to pre TOS eras. They can't get into the right mindset because they're so convinced anything with a hint of retro to it can't work for contemporary audiences.
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