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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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There should be untold numbers of elderly zombies if everyone is infected and just started turning into zombies when they die. Thousands upon thousands of elderly people die of natural causes around the world every day. Zombies should have been killing their grandchildren and nursing staffs on the very first day of the outbreak before anyone could recover from the shock and realize what's going on. That's what would give you numbers.
I assume that did happen early on and that's part of how things got so bad so quickly.

At this point, however, I suspect you don't see a lot of elderly zombies simply on a survival of the fittest basis: the elderly and infirm fall/have fallen to the walkers and get eaten completely before they can turn.

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Hasn't she seen a single Saw movie?
Side note about your movie reference: I cannot recall many pop culture references in TWD. Obviously, no Romero movies exist in this world, but not much else.
it's an alternative universe where the only form of pop culture was the music of Motörhead
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