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Re: Bioshock Infinite.

I'll wait a bit longer until the price has dropped to a reasonable level. Since the "console first" pattern has led to PC versions being crippled bug-infested disasters that need at least a couple of patches to be worth playing it'll still take some time.

From what I've heard they actually fixed one of my major worries, because while the player is accompanied by a constant NPC it's not a continuous escort mission, where you have to waste time on protecting some character that constantly walks into someone's like of fire. From what I've read, Elizabeth is actually able to take care of her own.

It looks like it's also a great upgrade to the graphics engine. The screenshots that showed an updated version of the surface environment from the original game really did the visual style of its predecessors justice. The first time I played the original back in the day I was amazed, because the quality of that scene rivaled some pre-rendered sequences in other games of that time.
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