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Re: Has star trek changed

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Personally, I though the problem with Superman Returns was that it was one of those "director's passion projects" movies. Bryan Singer is a huge Superman fan and always wanted to do a Superman fan, and what we end up with is two and a half hours of fanboy gushing. We had the same problem with Peter Jackson's King Kong. These are fine examples of why it's a bad idea having a fan calling the shots, even if said fan is a professional filmmaker.
Jackson's King Kong makes mincemeat of the shitty 1976 film, and was just what people needed to banish that abomination away. That fact that most people didn't get it is to their detriment, not Jackson's.

Although, while Abrams might in principle be the best choice direct Trek, I still don't think he specifically is the right choice, based on my own opinions of him as a filmmaker. And really, starting every interview off with "I'm more a Star Wars fan than a Star Trek" borders on being quite an asshole.
If you don't think that he was the right choice, then who exactly should have been that choice? Something bold was needed, and Abrams was the person to make that choice.
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